Saturday, January 17, 2009

Restoran MP (Moven Peak)

Moven Peak is one of the famous restaurants in Ipoh. It started out at Greentown area which serves oriental and western cuisine and also steamboat. They also have another outlet at Ipoh Parade serving steamboat in kaiten belt like those in Sushi King. It’s definitely something new for a kampung girl like me. I normally see kaiten belt only at Japanese restaurant but seeing a kaiten belt at a steamboat restaurant is something extraordinary.

Each seat of the restaurant has a hole on the table. There’s an induction cooker underneath the hole and each person will have a pot of soup of their own choice. Then they can start pick whatever serves on the kaiten belt and each plate will charge accordingly to its plate colour. They can also order set menu if picking up from the kaiten belt seems troublesome for them.

I have been to Moven Peak for a quite number of times coz Ipoh Parade does not have much choices of eatery outlet. Dining here is good as I need not to wait for the food to be cooked. I can have my food instantly.

My first time experience here is good as the shop is still new. Few months down the road, I tend to go lesser and lesser as I found out that the rate of cleanliness begins to drop. The utensils are dirty with stains. I once found that an excess piece of food dried up and sticking on its spoon. The stainless steel pots which serve the soup have crack lines. (I also wonder how they can crack a steel pot…*scratch head*) Other than that, the portions of food they serve tend to reduce in it sizes. They serve chicken skin and fats instead of chicken meat which makes the portion looks bigger. Wtf. When I complain about the food, they did not take any action on it.

So, for those who like to visit Moven Peak, please check all the utensils before you use them especially the bowl, cup and the chopstick.

Location: Ipoh Parade, Ground Floor
Overall Rating: 5/10

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foodbin said...

bad management will always spoiled a good dinner